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Updated on Mar 26, 2009
blue chambray H&M blouse - black wedge Steve Madden shoes
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calivintage 's Thoughts:

oh the simplicity! i finally forced myself to stop moping around and get dressed for the day. i have been loving all the chambray i’ve been seeing around lately, so i picked up this blouse at h&m yesterday…

i really want to pair this with some black shorts! i’m loving all of the faded, destroyed blue denim out there, but how about in black?? i’ve got this old pair of black j brands, but i’m hesitating to destroy them because i think i paid full price way back when. ah, so for now i’m just wearing a black mini skirt as a stand in until i commit to destroying a pair of black jeans! haha!

anddd, i bought these knock-off matt bernson wedges at steve madden. i really wanted to buy the real thing, but they sold out on the matt bernson website! last year, i waited months on a pre-order for the flat gladiators, but i was too late in the game for the wedge version for this year. c’est la vie!

so this is what i’m thinking about right now:

1. destroyed black denim shorts.
2. chambray!
3. wood wedges. ok, any wedges, really.
4. little purses. i’m sick of lugging around a giant sack everywhere i go!

5. oh, and about the hair… see my last post and you’ll see what that’s all about. i’m currently taking recommendations for hair stylists in the sf bay area. sigh.

6. and isn’t it sooo annoying when you ruin your manicure like right after you get it? i was too hungry to wait to eat after i got my nails done yesterday and i dug my nails into a piece of chicken. sad, but true.

Comments (44)

melcas29 on February 11
celybaybee on October 13
chic ! (:
ilovered on August 01
cute top.
Style2Ali on July 24
I love it!
Bex99 on May 19
GORGEOUS! As usual!!!
lydia on March 30
Gah. Simplicity at it's finest! I have been in denial about my love of wedges for quite some time now...but I've accepted it now. These are so cute, but I don't expect anything less from you :P
shoppher on March 29
This is simple and lovely
katehertzog on March 29
i loooove your shoes! i've been trying to find one like that for a really long time! their the perfect pair! ;)
NilErturk on March 28
Loved this look! Great shoes
gogosushi on March 27
really cute look x
raiscake on March 27
I love this outfit. Looks very comfy but so chic too! I haven't had a manicure in weeks. :( All that lab work ruins them anyway.
Leandra on March 27
again lovely outfit!
micchie on March 27
i always ruined my manicure too,...LOL....anyway, look so cute,...i love the top and the bag
kooffy7 on March 27
u look super cute hunnie.. and i totally love those wedges... im still on hunt for a perfect one for summer... and yeah.. i know ur dilemma about the manicure.. lol... only me, i never use my hands much after my nails are done that's y my boyf does all the work and gets annoyed after.. haha
Noir on March 27
Love the sandals!
Berwanger on March 26
youre always so casually cool, amazing shoes!
libys11 on March 26
you look really easy on the eyes!!! so refreshing! :D
yeahokaycool on March 26
cute! i think i have the same top as you except mine is cream! but anyway cute cute cute!
ellabella on March 26
such a refreshing and springy look! and the wedges are great.
FashionReady on March 26
i agree with you about the small purses!! when i go out now i take a small purse, but when i go to school i carry a much bigger bag.
rockmysocks on March 26
cute blouse :)
cocorosa on March 26
love this :) and oh I dont even get manicures anymore, do it myself because every every time after the manucure and BEFORE I would get home I already ruined it!!!! WTH?!? so much for being a nyc gal..:)
calivintage on March 26
yeah, pretty much the story of my life! :)
JkGnarly on March 26
I think the skirt works nicely, and what about coloring some other jean shorts you have black so then you could go for the destroyed faded look, very cute. haha. But you are adorable, and look great!
calivintage on March 26
hey, that's a good idea! thanks!
ummmno on March 26
omg this is gorgeous <3 and i know what you mean about the manicure, i always ruin mine RIGHT after i'm done. it's so frustraiting because i hate waiting around. hahah!
ummmno on March 26
ugh my comment got cut! anyway i was saying that i know waht you mean about the manicure, i always ruin mine RIGHT after i'm done.. and it's so frustrating because i hate waiting :)
mwa_mwa on March 26
Love your top !
pristinemarie on March 26
i want shoes like those
Yahaira on March 26
Cute. lovely photos. Spring is here.
ishayshaixa on March 26
cute very charming! :)
nihonfleur on March 26
uh I need to start using smaller bags too... My favorite big one has broken 2 of my best thrift store sunglasses!! I guess that is what happens when they fall to the bottom...
mnavoy on March 26
i love this!!!!!!!
yuppiemom on March 26
So cute! Love the shoes!
supervillain on March 26
OMG we do ALMOST match! Hahaha! I still think you're more put together though, mine was a very lazy post. Love the top, bag and shoes! (:
calivintage on March 26
no way, lady! you look fab!!!!
kt_krazy on March 26
i am obsessed with your wedges.
michelleiris on March 26
i love your top!!! amazing outfit!!
banaANAS on March 26
i need some black ripped pants too but it does hurt to tink about how much i have payed for them to destroy them :/ i cant get my self to do it wat if i mess up? i love the shirt! and the wedges and the skirt cute pictures :) overall, and for the mani i hate it too! number 5 let it grow i have been trying for years to let my grow below my boobs, so i could go siren like shirtless, but im not even hafway there :(
calivintage on March 26
yes, that's one good thing about really long hair! you can wear very risque tops and your hair helps cover you up a little!
inKARLcerating on March 26
wow.. i bet yer so comfy with everything. im so intrigued on what hairdo youll be getting!! love everything! chic!
artificialsweetener on March 26
love the shoes!!!
sexonfire on March 26
Very cute! Black ripped shorts sound like a great idea. Awesome shirt and shoes :)
mssashimi on March 26
love all that leg. very sprnglike
philippstick on March 26
love your shoes, they are great! i feel sorry about your bad hairstylist experience!
lforlmr on March 26
love it!!!
CherryBlossomGirl on March 26
haha love your post and the outfit of course!
fauxfur on March 26
Love your shoes! I need to get a pair of wedges... Haha and I love #6.
lolorenee on March 26
i wish we had an h&m here :( i would be buying sweet shirts like that allll the time. ok how did she butcher your hair? can't tell obviously since you're hiding it haha. but i doubt its that bad. and really for a quick fix, i would go to a beauty school and get it done, they cant screw you over because it has to be approved before you leave!!
calivintage on March 26
aha. that's an interesting idea. and basically, yeah, i'm hiding it. the cut is layered a lot, but somehow really simple and very blunt. like, you can see the cut marks. i think it's because i have thick, straight hair. she was just, i dunno, very unprofessional... it looks like if i had cut it myself, or if i went to supercuts...
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