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Updated on Nov 28, 2010
This is an entry to Impress for Less sponsored by Crossroads Trading Co..
black vintage military jacket - violet Eighty-Eight shirt - blue DIY scarf - hea
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rosenoire 's Thoughts:

Hello Chictopians, i havent been on at all this week. that is because i have been working on a little project ill talk more in depth about later… but this is basically what i wore to my bf’s family’s After-Thanksgiving dinner in Hesperia California. Hesperia is about 150 miles from San Diego, and it is located in the mountains, so the temperature was extremely cold!! (at least compared to san diego lol) the high that day was around 41 degrees and at night, it got as cold as 23 degrees!!! :( so i definitely decided that i would go bundled up and cozy, with a big jacket and a nice scarf. all while keeping my sense of style :)

I decided to enter the Crossroads Trading Co. competition with this outfit, basically because of my leather jacket. I bought this jacket at a store called “Flashbacks” here in San Diego. i usually dont shop there, but do like to look around for cool stuff once in a while. One day, while looking for 80’s fashions, i came across this lovely jacket. its a vintage military jacket, probably used by pilots or members of the airforce, (idk) and what i really loved about it was that it had a fur collar on it, making it stand out to me, since lately ive been obsessed with fur. I admired the beuty of the jacket, knowing it was too expensive for me to buy, even without checking for the price, i finally found it and saw that it was only 30 dolars!!! what a steal, knowing that jackets in that store run from 50 to 100 dollars, even though they are recycled clothes. I decided to buy it, and here it is now!! i’m in love with it and i cant wait to wear it more often, as this is the first time i ever do. I love this contest because this is my style, i like to shop thinking about style and saving money. i dont like to overspend money on clothes when i know i can find it somewhere else for cheaper. almost all of my clothes in my closet, i have found for a good deal, and i think when you find something really good, for a really great price, you’re happier about your purchase!!

Finally, about my little project… so, this whole week i’ve been working with the dancers of the company i’m in and made a video for the aldo contest, “Lets Dance!” you guys have no idea how much time, effort, and editing skills we put into this :) i would definitely appreciate if you all took a couple minutes out of your busy lives, went to :

and watched the video i created and choreographed!!! after you watch this video, on your right hand side, there is a place for you to submit a vote or a like, or to share the video on either facebook or twitter. I would love for you to help us out and vote, share, or like this video. SPREAD THE WORD!! send this link to all your friends, let them know, and tell them to spread the word as well!!! help us win!!!

Fnally, after a much relaxing thanksgiving weekend, all i want to say is thank you. I am thankful for Chictopia, because without it, my fashion sense would never be so important to me if it wasnt for people like you. <3


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psykoKilla on November 28
cool! I love that bright blue scarf :-)
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