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Updated on Aug 26, 2008
forever 21 hat - blazer - American Apparel dress - forever 21 shoes
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Snowshoe 's Thoughts:

Yay! My F21 package came today! This was much needed after a day of getting blood taken and rain.

This outfit looks a lot better in person, and I will go ahead and say that I will end up posting virtually the same exact outfit at a later date, but photographed in day light. But I just couldn’t resist posting it now. I know that everyone has these F21 Chloe knock offs, but I don’t care, I less than three them to the core. And those of you who read my blog may have recently heard me rail against leggings, but let me say that I did state that they could be done. And I’m really only wearing these because I’m waiting for my lamé ones to come in the mail. This is merely for demonstration purposes. Pretend they’re pants, whatever gets you through.

Anyway, I’m just posting this to get it out of my system because I’m so excited about the shoes and hat. Also, pictured below is my new bottle of perfume. Isn’t it lovely? I also tried this outfit with a cardi. I prefer the blazer myself. Now back to writing my story, I have ten pages to go and two sentences down:
“His kitchen smells like yellow curry and onions. I’ve smelt this before, gang garee and cipollini, in the hot kitchen of an old manor house in the Betuwe, in the land between the rivers.”

who would guess it’s a story about cocaine, bondage, and balloons.

The Snowshoe Rabbit

Comments (19)

barbroandersen on September 07
Great hat!
iloveglam on September 26
i love that shoes ;)
plastikneon on September 18
Really like this! I've been wanting a basic/black dress for a while. Which one is this?
JelizaRose on August 31
man this orange liquid in your sink puts that picture together in a great great way, dark, edgy, 90's and mad. looks like a Tim Burton new feature rehearsal
trnkshw on August 31
god bless f21 for their knockoffs
_stylorectic on August 28
wow especially the 2nd shot is fantasic.i thought about the shoes to but the delivery costs 2x more then the shoes...x(
Snowshoe on August 28
yeah, i ordered enough in one go to get free shipping. i figured why not.
mrenton on August 28
i love the bowler hat!!!!!
irides on August 28
Firstly: oooh. Beatnik. Secondly, I wouldn't guess it, but it doesn't actually surprise me. It has the nitty-gritty feel of most stories that deal with "darker things". You know, the way how the sentence structure just sort of tells you as is.
Starrgirl on August 27
oo I love it! I was actually going to get that hat, but I decided it was too expensive. Now you're making me reconsider..
Snowshoe on August 27
I really like it. It's a little bit bigger than I had imagined, but I really really like it. Exactly what I needed to Winona things up..
nevermindme on August 27
lovely outfit as usual! :) The 2nd photo is especially cool, the lighting and reflection...awesome! And that perfume looks so old-fashioned and wonderful, I would feel so glamorous spritzing that on.
LaurenGods on August 27
This is positively awesome! Your style is amazing, I'm desperately seeking a hat just like that.
Snowshoe on August 27
There are bowlers at F21 and Urban (this one is F21... what can i say, i'm cheap)
shmab on August 27
nice hat. knockoffs are one of my reasons to live
MichelleYue on August 27
ooh those shoes look so good on you. I'm kinda sad I missed out!
Snowshoe on August 27
F21 just pumps out all sorts of neat stuff... there's always something new to get. ^^
annaiscloset on August 27
this shoes are like the chloé shoes! :) (L) lovely!
Snowshoe on August 27
yep. i <3 knock offs.
kela on August 27
dang, you probably got the last of those shoes..i went go buy them but there were none left in my size. laame. but they look really good on you! and so does the hat
Lomelino on August 27
LOVE it! Is this the hat you were talking about? It looks so good on you.
Snowshoe on August 27
yep. this is the one. i love it. it's so 90's...
tofumama on August 26
love your shoes!
classytrash on August 26
i prefer the blazer as well. & as far as i'm concerned, if that is the first two sentences of your ten pages, i'm already in love with whatever it is you're writing.
powderblue on August 26
Cute hat! And what is that in your sink?? Looks like pumpkin soup.
Snowshoe on August 26
oh, I meant to mention that. it's a paint brush from finishing up our dining room. lol
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