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Updated on Apr 16, 2016
pull&bear jeans - H&M jacket - Tommy Hilfiger sweater - Spicy Color shirt
Pull-bear-jeans-h-m-jacket-tommy-hilfiger-sweater-spicy-color-shirt Pull-bear-jeans-h-m-jacket-tommy-hilfiger-sweater-spicy-color-shirt
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HenEvia 's Thoughts:

So, there was this one time where this blogger told me something: "Hen, I caught you, you Photoshop your photos!!" and I was like: "Well, yeah, don't you? Don't we all?" And here's when I tell you that I edit my photos a lot and there's no shame in that. I'm a blogger, not a professional photographer by any means, and most of the content here is entirely made by me, snapping photos with my semi-professional Nikon D5100 camera, a tripod and a remote.

Among the things I edit and enhance, well, I do a lot of tweaks here and there: I get rid of pimples, add light to my eyes, enhance shadows on my face to show more bone structure, liquify to correct unflattering angles and curves and improve anything else that looks wrong, like stains on garments. I don't think I've ever addressed this before, but people deserve to know that most of us bloggers do some work on our photos; unskilled ones my depend a lot on filters and a million apps but, some of us are able to improve our looks thanks to Photoshop and that's quite amazing. It's like in magazines, how many times do you see unretouched photos? If they can do it, so can we.

For more on this look, feel free to check out the full outfit post over at www.henevia.com. You can also follow me on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. It would mean the world!

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